IPredictorClient::get_sSiteName, put_sSiteName

Commerce Server 2000
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The read/write sSiteName property contains the name of the site in which the PredictorClient object is running.


Get method:

HRESULT IPredictorClient::get_sSiteName(
BSTR* psSiteName

Put method:

HRESULT IPredictorClient::put_ sSiteName(
BSTR psSiteName



[in] When putting the property, a BSTR that contains the name of the site where the PredictorClient object will run.
[out, retval] When getting the property, a pointer to a BSTR used to return the name of the site in which the PredictorClient object is running.

Return Values

These methods return an HRESULT indicating whether or not it completed successfully. See the following Error Values section for more details.

Error Values

These methods return S_OK (0x00000000) to indicate success and standard COM HRESULT error values to indicate failure. For more information about standard COM errors, see Standard COM Errors. Additional information may be available using the global Err object, which can be accessed using the API function GetErrorInfo. In particular, the GetDescription method of the IErrorInfo interface may return a text description of the error.


This property should be set in the On_Start method of the global.asa file to allow logging of performance monitoring counters to be aggregated over the site. Performance counters are specific to a given computer. If multiple sites are running on the same Web server, the counters give a combined total for all sites. Specifying a site name allows the counts from one site to be distinguished from the counts of other sites.

The following counters are available:

  • Total number of predictions made since the site was initialized.

  • Average time per prediction.

  • Total number of model loads from files.

  • Total number of model loads from a database.

The counters can be accessed in Microsoft Windows 2000 by clicking Control Panel, double-clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Performance. The counters can also be accessed programmatically through the performance APIs described in the Windows 2000 Platform SDK.

For more information about memory ownership issues related to COM property and method parameters, see Managing COM Parameter Memory.

The psSiteName parameter contains valid data only if the property is accessed successfully.

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