Authenticator Checksum Flags

If the following variables are set to TRUE, the client sets the corresponding GSS flag ([RFC4121] section 4.1.1) to TRUE in the authenticator's checksum ([RFC4121] section 4.1.1):

Confidentiality: GSS_C_CONF_FLAG ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).

Delegate: GSS_C_DELEG_FLAG ([RFC4121] section

ExtendedError: GSS_C_EXTENDED_ERROR_FLAG ([RFC4757] section 7.1).

Identify: GSS_C_IDENTIFY_FLAG ([RFC4757] section 7.1); set in the GSS_Init_sec_context call ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).

Integrity: GSS_C_INTEG_FLAG ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).

MutualAuthentication: GSS_C_MUTUAL_FLAG ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).

ReplayDetect: GSS_C_REPLAY_FLAG ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).

SequenceDetect: GSS_C_SEQUENCE_FLAG ([RFC1964] section 1.1.1).