Writing an Entity Framework Data Provider
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Writing an Entity Framework Data Provider

.NET Framework (current version)

This section discusses how to write an Entity Framework provider to support a data source other than SQL Server. The Entity Framework includes a provider that supports SQL Server.

The Entity Framework is database independent, and you can write a provider by using the ADO.NET Provider Model to connect to a diverse set of data sources.

The Entity Framework data provider (built using the ADO.NET Data Provider model) performs the following functions:

  • Maps Entity Data Model (EDM) primitive types to provider types.

  • Exposes provider-specific functions.

  • Generates provider-specific commands for a given DbQueryCommandTree to support Entity Framework queries.

  • Generates provider-specific update commands for a given DbModificationCommandTree to support updates through the Entity Framework.

  • Exposes mapping files for the store schema definition, to support generation of a model based on a database.

  • Exposes metadata (tables and views, for example) via a conceptual model.


See the Entity Framework Sample Provider for a sample of an Entity Framework provider that supports a data source other than SQL Server.

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