Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.Formatters Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BinaryLogFormatter
Log formatter that will format a LogEntry in a way suitable for wire transmission.
Public class GenericTextFormatter<T>
Formats an instance for T with a sequence of Formatter<T> instances.
Public class JsonLogFormatter
Represents a log formatter that will format a LogEntry in JSON-compliant format.
Public class LogFormatter
Abstract implememtation of the ILogFormatter interface.
Public class TextFormatter
Represents a template based formatter for LogEntry messages.
Public class TokenFunction Obsolete.
Abstract base for all TokenFunction-derived classes. Provides default algorithm for formatting a token.
Public class XmlLogFormatter
Formats a LogEntry and any subclass of it to an XML string representation.

  Interface Description
Public interface ILogFormatter
Represents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate Formatter<T>
Returns a string representation of instance
Public delegate ParameterizedFormatterFactory<T>
Creates a Formatter<T> based on a parameter.
Public delegate TokenHandler<T>
Transforms a token definition from a string template into a Formatter<T>.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration JsonFormatting
Specifies formatting options.