Microsoft.Surface.Core Namespace

Surface 1.0 SP1
Provides access to input from interactive surface devices in a way that can be used with any Windows-based UI framework. This is not intended to be used by applications which also use classes from the Microsoft.Surface.Presentation assembly.

ContactRepresents a physical object on the Microsoft Surface screen.
ContactEventArgsRepresents details for events that relate to contacts on a ContactTarget object.
ContactTargetRepresents a top-level window for which Microsoft Surface input should be enabled.
FrameReceivedEventArgsRepresents event arguments that are sent with a FrameReceived event.
ImageMetricsRepresents the size and format of an image.
InteractiveSurfaceRepresents the input surface of a Microsoft Surface unit.
ReadOnlyContactCollectionRepresents a collection of contacts on a Microsoft Surface screen.
SurfaceKeyboardProvides the Microsoft Surface on-screen keyboard to Microsoft Surface applications.

ByteTagRepresents a byte tag on a tagged object.
ContactBoundsDescribes the boundaries of a contact relative to a ContactTarget window.
IdentityTagRepresents an identity tag on a tagged object.
TagDataRepresents the identifying data that is associated with a tagged object.

EventThreadChoiceSpecifies the thread that input events should be raised on.
ImageTypeSpecifies the type of image that is retrieved from the Microsoft Surface display.
KeyboardLayoutSpecifies the supported keyboard layouts for the Microsoft Surface on-screen keyboard.
TagTypeDefines the possible tag types for a tagged object.