How to: Browse the UML Data in "Quadrant"

[This content is no longer valid. For the latest information on "M", "Quadrant", SQL Server Modeling Services, and the Repository, see the Model Citizen blog.]

This is the second topic in the Walkthrough: Using the Microsoft.Uml2 Domain. The preceding topic is How to: Load an .xmi File By Using "Quadrant"; the following topic is How to: Query UML Data in Modeling Services. This topic shows how to use Microsoft code name “Quadrant” to view the UML data that was loaded in the preceding topic.

Browse loaded UML data in “Quadrant”

  1. In “Quadrant”, on the View menu, click Explorer, and then click Repository. Select the DinnerNow folder and drag DinnerNow folder onto the workspace.

    Shows the new DinnerNow workpad.
  2. Switch the view of the DinnerNow folder to UML Folder Browser to see a UML domain-specific tree master/detail view. The individual UML model elements are shown in the left pane and then properties of each selected element are shown in the right pane.

    Shows the DinnerNow workpad.
  3. Enlarge the DinnerNow workpad. Expand DinnerNow and then expand Packages. Note the package named Dinner Now Component Model – Lucerne Integrated Payment System.

    Shows the DinnerNow Package workpad.
  4. You can view the details of the selected package in the right pane. Alternatively, to open this package in a separate workpad, drag Dinner Now Component Model - Lucerne Integrated Payment System package onto the workspace.

    In the DinnerNow folder workpad, continue to expand the package. Note the number of components and interfaces within this package.

  5. Drag <Component> Lucerne Payment System onto the workspace.

    Shows the IPaymentSystem workpad.
  6. Drag <Interface> IPaymentService onto the workspace and expand the References section to see more detail about this interface.

    Shows the IPaymentSystem workpad.

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