WIC Samples

This section contains the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) samples.

WIC provides two types of examples:

  • Samples: Code segments that use several WIC features. Source code for the sample is delivered in the Windows SDK.
  • Code Examples: Shorter samples that demonstrate a specific feature. Source code for the sample is not provided with the SDK.

WIC Samples

DirectX postcard app sampleDemonstrates loading and rendering images using WIC and the File Picker.
JPEG YCbCr optimizations in Direct2D and WIC sampleDemonstrates performance optimizations in Direct2D and WIC to natively render JPEG YCbCr image data.
Simple imaging sampleDemonstrates using the Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace to edit and save images and image properties.
WIC ExplorerDemonstrates using WIC to enumerate and list all of the elements within an image, including metadata, frames, and thumbnails.
WIC Progressive Decoding Sample Demonstrates the use of WIC to decode an image that is encoded with progressive levels.
WIC Animated Gif Sample Demonstrates decoding the frames in a GIF file, reading appropriate metadata for each frame, composing frames, and rendering the animation with Direct2D.
WIC Image Viewer Using Direct2D Sample Demonstrates the use of WIC to decode an image file and Direct2D to render the image to the screen.


Code Examples

Code ExampleDescription
How-to: Re-encode a JPEG Image with Metadata Demonstrates how to re-encode an image and its metadata to a new file of the same format.


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