Encoder Interfaces

The following tables show the interfaces implemented by Windows Imaging Component (WIC) encoders, and the class diagram shows the inheritance hierarchy.

Container-Level Encoder Interfaces

IWICBitmapEncoder Container-level servicesRequired
IWICBitmapCodecProgressNotification Progress notification & cancellation supportRecommended
IWICMetadataBlockWriter Metadata serialization servicesOptional (Required only for formats that support container-level metadata)


Frame-Level Encoder Interfaces

IWICBitmapFrameEncode Frame-level servicesRequired
IWICMetadataBlockWriter Metadata serialization servicesRequired


WIC encoder interface inheritance hierarchy

You'll notice that the encoder interfaces are almost mirror images of the decoder interfaces, and that most of the methods on these interfaces correspond to methods on the related decoder interfaces. Now that you're familiar with the implementation of a WIC-enabled decoder, the implementation of a WIC-enabled encoder will seem familiar as well.

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