CCF UI Shell Framework

The CCF UI Shell Framework is a collection of public classes that enable you to customize application integration into the CCF framework and create customized CCF solutions for your business needs. The framework consists of methods that allow for rapid and easy development of CCF-based solutions.


The above image illustrates the various components that make the CCF UI Shell Framework:

  • CCF Core Framework: The core framework module that is internal to CCF. The core framework is built in AIF and executes the internal workings of the CCF system.
  • UI Shell Framework: The UI shell framework is a compilation of interfaces and methods that are exposed as APIs. These APIs allow you to create a new CCF shell that interfaces with the CCF Core framework.
  • Desktop.UI.Core: The Desktop.UI.Core holds all the interfaces that allow you to create an ID. You can use the methods from Desktop.UI.Core to customize the functionality of ID.

The shell framework provides interfaces and methods that allow you to implement the following:

All interfaces and classes are implemented in some of the core (or wrapper) classes that act as a collection. These classes form the core of UI shell framework development in CCF:

  • Desktop: Contains the classes that wrap all desktop related elements. For more information, see Desktop.
  • Customer: Contains the customer or contact defined by the customer class is used as a subject for the session during implementation. For more information, see Customer Class.
  • AgentDesktopSession:  Contains methods and properties used for session management in the Agent Desktop. For more information, see AgentDesktop Session class.

The projects in the Sample Code, which ships with CCF, contain examples that utilize all classes (and subsequent methods in the classes). You can review the Sample Code to look up sample implementations of the methods discussed. The following sections contain sample code snippets from the Sample Code projects.