"Quadrant" Pet Shop Tutorial

[This content is no longer valid. For the latest information on "M", "Quadrant", SQL Server Modeling Services, and the Repository, see the Model Citizen blog.]

The topics in this section show how to use Microsoft code name “Quadrant” to browse data, create and update data, and resolve conflicts between “Quadrant” and the database. These topics use the PetShop database, but you do not need to install the PetShop sample to complete this tutorial.

In This Section

How to: Create a Database from "M" in "Quadrant"
Create the PetShop database by using code created with Microsoft code name “M”.

How to: Explore Data In "Quadrant"
Switch viewers when browsing data.

How to: Edit Data in "Quadrant"
Edit data and see the proposed changes as well as old values.

How to: Edit Stale Data in "Quadrant"
Synchronize in-memory data with the database values.

How to: Resolve Change Conflicts in "Quadrant"
See resolved differences between the data in an instance of “Quadrant” and the underlying database.

How to: Edit Complex Data in "Quadrant"
Create data in three related tables.

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