How to: Edit Stale Data in "Quadrant"

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This topic shows how to edit stale data by using Microsoft code name “Quadrant”. Stale data is data that was changed in the database after opening a new session in “Quadrant”.

This is the fourth topic in the "Quadrant" Pet Shop Tutorial

This topic requires that you use SQL Server Management Studio.

To edit stale data

  1. In “Quadrant”, open the MSPetShop4 database and open the Product table. For more information, see How to: Edit Data in "Quadrant".

  2. In SQL Server Management Studio, expand Databases, expand MSPetShop4, and then expand Tables.

  3. Right-click dbo2.Product and click Edit Top 200 Rows.

  4. Find the product named Pelican2 and change the name to Pelican3. Click another row cell to commit the change.

  5. In “Quadrant”, note that the value in the Product table for the Pelican remains as "Pelican2". The data is now stale.

  6. In “Quadrant” drag the Product table to the workspace. (Do this even if you already have the Product table open, so that you have two Product workpads.)

  7. Note that a question mark appears in the row of the Pelican product that indicates that the data in the underlying database has changed.

  8. Press F5 to refresh the buffer. The stale data is now updated and synchronized with the database, and the question mark disappears.

In this topic you have simulated a situation where data changes on the database after a session in “Quadrant” has started.

The next topic in this series is How to: Resolve Change Conflicts in "Quadrant"

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