CalendarResponseMessageBase<TMessage> properties

The following tables list the members exposed by the CalendarResponseMessageBase<TMessage> type.

  Name Description
Public property IsDeliveryReceiptRequested Gets or sets a value indicating whether delivery receipts should be sent to the sender. (inherited from ResponseObject<TMessage>)
Public property IsDirty Gets a value that indicates whether the object has been modified. (inherited from ServiceObject)
Public property IsNew Indicates whether this object exists in the Exchange database or if it is a local object that has not been saved to the Exchange database. (inherited from ServiceObject)
Public property IsReadReceiptRequested Gets or sets a value indicating whether read receipts will be requested from recipients of this response. (inherited from ResponseObject<TMessage>)
Public property Item Gets the value of the specified property in this instance. (inherited from ServiceObject)
Public property Schema Gets the schema that is associated with this type of object. (inherited from ServiceObject)
Public property Service Gets the Exchange service for this object. (inherited from ServiceObject)