Configure Service: Monitoring Tab

The only configuration setting you can change in the Monitoring tab for the Configure Service dialog box is the Workflow Tracking Profile. The other service settings in the Monitoring Tab are determined by a Web.config file superior in the hierarchy (at the Site, Server, and Application levels), are inherited by this service, and are not configurable from this dialog box. For instance, you cannot configure settings at the service level to enable event collection to a monitoring database, choose the appropriate monitoring level, or configure workflow tracing and message logging. When the Monitoring window appears, a message will be displayed showing the inherited values for the service with respect to these settings.

Dialog Fields





The current tracking profile in use is displayed.


Click this button to launch Workflow Tracking Profile dialog box. This allows you to configure .NET 4 message logging and analytic tracing for workflows.

This section of the dialog box displays the inherited settings for the following areas.

The following settings apply to this service.

  • Database event collection - if event collection is enabled or disabled

  • Monitoring level - level of monitoring for this service

  • Connection string - used by this service to access the Monitoring database

In This Section

The following topics provide detailed guidance for configuring monitoring.

Workflow Tracking Profile Dialog Box
Specify a tracking profile to use with a workflow.

Add Tracking Profile Dialog Box
Import a specific tracking profile to use with the workflow.

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