IIS Smooth Streaming Live Server Manifest Format

Visual Studio 2008

The encoder must embed a Live Server Manifest in a Live Server Manifest Box at the beginning of each stream, except as specified in Live Presentations. The overall structure of the manifest closely mirrors that of an IIS Smooth Streaming Server Manifest (On-Demand) Server Manifest. However, there are some changes to the syntax and semantics relative to the On-Demand Server Manifest. The following data must be omitted from the syntax for the Live scenario:

<meta name="clientManifestRelativePath">

The src attribute of the IIS Smooth Streaming Server Manifest (Live) - video Element, IIS Smooth Streaming Server Manifest (Live) - audio Element and IIS Smooth Streaming Server Manifest (Live) - textstream Element elements has a different semantic meaning for the live scenario. Instead of referring to a path on disk, the src attribute in the Live case is interpreted as a URL relative to the encoder URL from which the live Server Manifest was retrieved, or an absolute URL if an absolute URL is specified.

The structure of the server manifest file is as follows: