FLOOR Function (DAX)


Rounds a number down, toward zero, to the nearest multiple of significance.

FLOOR(<number>, <significance>)  


numberThe numeric value you want to round.
significanceThe multiple to which you want to round. The argumentsnumber and significance must either both be positive, or both be negative.

A decimal number.

If either argument is nonnumeric, FLOOR returns #VALUE!error value.

If number and significance have different signs, FLOOR returns the #NUM!error value.

Regardless of the sign of the number, a value is rounded down when adjusted away from zero. If the number is an exact multiple of significance, no rounding occurs.

The following formula takes the values in the [Total Product Cost] column from the table, InternetSales.and rounds down to the nearest multiple of .1.

=FLOOR(InternetSales[Total Product Cost],.5)  

The following table shows the expected results for some sample values.

ValuesExpected Result

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