Run Coverage tables


Updated: July 15, 2016

You can query for data about how thoroughly a particular test run covered the code that it was intended to test by using FactRunCoverage and the associated dimensions.

For information about the measures and dimensions that are associated with these tables in the SQL Server Analysis Services cube, see Analyze and report on code churn and code coverage using the code churn and run coverage perspectives.

Fact Table for Run Coverage

You cannot aggregate these coverage values to determine code coverage for a build. To determine the code coverage in a build, you must use FactBuildCoverage. For more information, see Build Coverage tables.

FactRunCoverage is associated with the following dimension tables:

  • DimAssembly

  • DimBuild

  • DimBuildFlavor

  • DimBuildPlatform

  • DimDate

  • DimPerson

  • DimTestRun