Microsoft.Office.Server.ActivityFeed Namespace

Contains classes that create, gather, and publish news feeds. Some of the most commonly used types in this namespace are, ActivityManager, ActivityEvent, ActivityType, ActivityTemplate, and ActivityTemplateVariable.

  Class Description
Public class ActivityApplication Manages a collection of ActivityType objects.
Public class ActivityApplicationsCollection Represents a collection of ActivityApplication objects.
Public class ActivityEvent Represents a single atomic activity that is associated with an ActivityType object and that is tracked in an activity feed.
Public class ActivityEventsCollection Represents a collection of ActivityEvent objects.
Public class ActivityFeedException
Public class ActivityFeedGatherer Represents the base class for all activity feed gatherers.
Public class ActivityFeedLimitOverflowException
Public class ActivityFeedPermissionDeniedException
Public class ActivityFeedSyndicationException
Public class ActivityManager Contains collections of ActivityApplication and ActivityType objects, and methods to generate feeds by getting existing instances of ActivityEvent objects.
Public class ActivityPreference Defines the ActivityType objects whose events an entity does not want to see in a feed.
Public class ActivityPreferencePerType Contains an ActivityType object and a Boolean value indicating whether a preference for this type has been set.
Public class ActivityPreferencesCollection Represents a collection of ActivityPreference objects.
Public class ActivityTemplate Defines the formatting of an ActivityEvent object within a specific locale.
Public class ActivityTemplatesCollection Represents a collection of ActivityTemplate objects.
Public class ActivityTemplateVariable Defines formatting for ActivityEvent objects, the structure that contains the standard vocabulary for mapping activity events to syndication feeds.
Public class ActivityType Defines the display of ActivityEvent objects that belong to this type.
Public class ActivityTypesCollection Represents a collection of ActivityType objects.
Public class Constants
Public class Entity Represents a user who is the owner or publisher of a feed.
Public class EntityTypeIds Contains string constants that represent the possible types of Entity objects.
Public class InvalidActivityException
Public class InvalidCreateOperationException
Public class InvalidDeleteOperationException
Public class InvalidEntityException
Public class InvalidFeedSchemaMappingException
Public class InvalidGetOperationException
Public class InvalidItemVariableException
Public class InvalidLinkException
Public class InvalidListException
Public class InvalidTemplateException
Public class InvalidTemplateVariableException
Public class InvalidTypeException
Public class InvalidUpdateOperationException
Public class Limits
Public class Link Stores values for a URL that represents an ActivityEvent object.
Public class List Represents a list of Link objects, and information for displaying them in a syndication feed.
Public class MinimalPerson Contains the minimum amount of information required to create a SyndicationPerson object.
Public class NotFoundActivityApplicationException
Public class NotFoundActivityEventException
Public class NotFoundActivityTemplateException
Public class NotFoundActivityTypeException
Public class SimpleTemplateFormat Supports an array of tags one level deep (no tags within tags).

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContentType Represents an enumeration of possible types for the display of items in an activity feed.