Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming Namespace

Client classes for IIS Media Services smooth streaming applications.

Smooth Streaming is an IIS Media Services extension that enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight clients over HTTP. For more information and code scenarios, see IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.5.

  Class Description
Public class CacheRequest The object describing the request being made.
Public class CacheResponse The object describing the response from the cache.
Public class ChunkInfo Defines per chunk information for text/binary chunks of Smooth Streaming data.
Public class ChunkResult Contains all the result information for the BeginGetChunk and EndGetChunk methods.
Public class ClipContext Context information for a Smooth Streaming media clip. This information is Read-only and specific to clip.
Public class ClipEventArgs Class used by media clips to pass event argument information that contains an associated clip context instance.
Public class ClipInformation Metadata class for scheduling and viewing a segment of audio or video media data.
Public class ClipPlaybackEventArgs Class that contains event data for a media clip event.
Public class ManifestInfo Represents the manifest in application code. This class corresponds to the <SmoothStreamingMedia> element in the client manifest and to the SmoothStreamingSource property of the SmoothStreamingMediaElement.
Public class ProtectionHeader Headers for ProtectionInfo digital rights management objects.
Public class ProtectionInfo Digital rights management information.
Public class SeekCompletedEventArgs Class used to pass event argument information when a seek event completes.
Public class SegmentInfo Defines the information that must be exposed by any manifest parser. This class corresponds to the Clip element in the composite manifest. You can extend the class with private data if a custom parser needs more information.
Public class SmoothStreamingErrorEventArgs Class to pass error event information about a Smooth Streaming operation.
Public class SmoothStreamingException Class to contain Smooth Streaming exception information.
Public class SmoothStreamingMediaElement Represents a media player that provides MediaElement capabilities and advertising integration. The class is designed to support IIS Smooth Streaming.
Public class SSMELogReadyRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the LogReady event.
Public class StreamInfo Defines the basic information for each stream. This class corresponds to the StreamIndex element of the client manifest. You can extend the class to add private data per stream.
Public class StreamUpdatedEventArgs Arguments for the StreamSelected()()()(), ChunkAdded()()()() and TracksSelected()()()() events.
Public class StreamUpdatedListEventArgs A list of StreamUpdatedEventArgs.
Public class TrackChangedEventArgs Arguments for an event that occurs when a media track changes.
Public class TrackInfo Represents track information that corresponds to the QualityLevel element of the client manifest.

  Interface Description
Public interface ISmoothStreamingCache Interface definition for writing a cache plug-in.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate SmoothStreamingMediaElement..::..ManifestMergeHandler Delegate method to merge data from more than one manifest.
Public delegate SSMELogReadyRoutedEventHandler The event handler for the LogReady event.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChunkResult..::..ChunkResultState An enumeration that contains the possible result states during processing by the BeginGetChunk and EndGetChunk methods.
Public enumeration ClipProgress Enumeration that specifies the stages of progress through a media clip.
Public enumeration PlaybackMode Enumeration that specifies the Smooth Streaming playback mode to be used during main content playback.
Public enumeration PlaybackStartPosition Enumeration that specifies the position from which playback of a media stream begins.
Public enumeration SmoothStreamingMediaElementState Enumeration of possible states for the SmoothStreamingMediaElement.
Public enumeration StreamUpdatedEventArgs..::..StreamUpdatedAction Action enumeration for the StreamSelected()()()(), ChunkAdded()()()() and TracksSelected()()()() in the StreamUpdatedEventArgs class.