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MSDN Library

Internet Information Services Extensions

IIS 7.0

The modular architecture of IIS 7 supports a rich set of APIs that let you extend and customize Web servers. IIS 7 also supports APIs that use both native (C/C++) and managed (C#, VB.NET) code structures. Many Microsoft extensions for IIS 7 that extend its capabilities are available here: http://www.iis.net/download/all.

The following official Microsoft IIS 7 extensions expose APIs that let you programmatically configure and control a module.

Extension Module



HTTP Compression enables faster transmission times between IIS and client browsers that can accept compressed files.

IIS HTTP Compression Reference


Smooth Streaming dynamically varies the bit rate of video streams to provide continuous playback at the highest quality that is supported by network bandwidth and client rendering power.

IIS Smooth Streaming Conceptual Reference


The Smooth Streaming Format SDK enables you to create software programs that package encoded video and audio bitstreams for on-demand and live Smooth Streaming scenarios.

IIS Smooth Streaming Format SDK Reference


IIS Smooth Streaming Management REST Services is a Representational State Transfer (REST) API that you can use to manage Live Smooth Streaming publishing points in IIS Media Services 4.1.

IIS Smooth Streaming Management REST Services Reference


Transform Manager enables integrated video-encoding and batch-conversion of on-demand media files to alternate file and container formats.

IIS Transform Manager Conceptual Reference


Web Playlists enables you to create server-controlled sequences of digital media content and to prevent caching of the content on client computers.

IIS Web Playlists Extensibility Support


The Web Deployment Tool simplifies the migration, management, and deployment of IIS Web servers, applications, and sites.

Microsoft.Web.Deployment Namespace


IIS Database Manager provides easy management of local and remote databases from within IIS Manager.

Microsoft.Web.Management.DatabaseManager Namespace


The URL Rewrite module provides a rule-based rewriting mechanism that lets you change request URLs before they are processed by the Web server.

Microsoft.Web.Management.Iis.Rewrite Namespace


The Search Engine Optimization Toolkit helps you improve your website's relevance in search results by recommending how to make your site content more search engine-friendly.

Microsoft.Web.Management.SEO.Crawler Namespace

Microsoft.Web.Management.SEO.SiteAnalyzer Namespace

Microsoft.Web.Management.SEO.Sitemaps Namespace


The Advanced Logging module provides rich, flexible data collection and real-time logging capabilities.

Microsoft.Web.Media.Diagnostics Namespace


The Smooth Streaming Client enables HTTP adaptive streaming to Silverlight Smooth Streaming clients.

Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming Namespace


The Transform Manager module enables integrated video-encoding and batch-conversion of on-demand media files to alternate file and container formats such as the Smooth Streaming Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF) for Silverlight clients and the HTTP adaptive streaming format for Apple mobile digital devices.

Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager Namespace


The Web Platform Installer tool enables download, installation, and updates of the latest Microsoft Web Platform components including IIS, SQL Server Express, .NET Framework, and Visual Web Developer.

Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller Namespace


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