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MSDN Library

How to: Deploy a Virtual Environment

[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

If the environment you want to use is stored in the library, you must deploy the environment to a host group before you can work on it.

To deploy a stored environment

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.


    To display the Microsoft Test Manager window, click Start, and then click All Programs. Point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and then click Microsoft Test Manager.

  2. Click Lab Center.

  3. Click the Library tab, and then click the Environments sub-tab.

  4. Click the stored environment that you want to deploy.

  5. Click Deploy.

    The deployment dialog box is displayed. Type a name and an optional description for the virtual environment. If your team project is configured with multiple host groups, you have the option of choosing the appropriate host group.

    The name that you choose has to be unique within the project host group.

  6. At the start of the creation process, Lab Management performs a series of validations, including verifying that there is enough capacity on hosts to create the environment.

    • If any of the validations fail, you will receive information about the failures. Open the stored environment and correct the errors. Then try to deploy the environment again.

    • If the validations succeed, the creation is automatically initiated. During the creation process, a progress bar is displayed. The current creation step is also displayed under each virtual machine.

Deploying a stored environment creates a copy of each virtual machine or template. The original stored environment is left unchanged in the library.


Do not deploy multiple copies of a stored environment unless you either turn on the network isolation capability in the environment or the stored environment is made only from templates. Deploying multiple copies without network isolation will cause networking conflicts and might prevent communication with the virtual machines. For more information, see How to: Create and Use a Network Isolated Environment.

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