Add SharePoint Features to an Upgraded Team Project Portal

Visual Studio 2010

You can change the version of SharePoint Products that supports your deployment of Team Foundation Server to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. If you perform this upgrade, you must also perform additional configuration on any team project portals that were created by using Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Otherwise, some new features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, such as dashboards, will not function correctly in these portals.

Required Permissions

To perform the following procedures, you must be a member of the following groups or have the following permissions:

  • a member of the Project Administrators group in Team Foundation

  • a member of the Site Administrators group for the SharePoint site

In addition to these permissions, you might need to address the following requirements on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008:

  • To follow a procedure that requires Internet Explorer, such as browsing to the team project portal, you might need to start it as an administrator. To start Internet Explorer as an administrator, click Start, click All Programs, right-click Internet Explorer, and then click Run as administrator.

For more information, see the following topic on the Microsoft Web site: User Account Control.

To add a SharePoint Feature

  1. In Team Explorer, right-click the team project, and then click Show Project Portal.

    The team project portal opens in a new browser window.

  2. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.

  3. Under Site Administration, click Site features.

  4. In the list of site features, find each feature that you want to activate for this portal, and then click Activate.

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