System.Data.Services.Providers Namespace

Provides a series of interfaces that are implemented to define a custom data service provider for WCF Data Services. 

For more information, see Data Services Providers (WCF Data Services).

  Class Description
Public class CollectionResourceType Use this class to represent a DataService type representing a collection property of primitive or complex types.
Public class DataServiceProviderArgs Argument class whose instance is passed for constructing a ReflectionDataServiceProvider or EntityFrameworkDataServiceProvider instance.
Public class DataServiceProviderMethods Use this class to perform late-bound operations on data service resource sets.
Public class EntityCollectionResourceType Use this class to represent a collection of entities.
Public class EntityFrameworkDataServiceProvider Entity Framework based provider.
Public class OpenTypeMethods Represents a class used to perform late-bound operations on open properties.
Public class Operation Use this class to represent a custom service operation.
Public class OperationParameter Use this type to represent a parameter on an operation.
Public class ProviderBehavior Provider behavior encapsulates the runtime behavior of the provider. The service will check various properties the ProviderBehavior exposed by the IDataServiceProviderBehavior to process the request.
Public class ReflectionDataServiceProvider Reflection based provider.
Public class ResourceAssociationSet Class to describe an association between two resource sets.
Public class ResourceAssociationSetEnd Class to describe an end point of a resource association set.
Public class ResourceProperty Use this class to describe a property on a resource.
Public class ResourcePropertyArgs
Public class ResourceSet Represents a collection of entity type values.
Public class ResourceSetPathExpression This class represents the path expression to calculate the target resource set of a Function or Procedure.
Public class ResourceType Represents a data service primitive, complex, or entity type.
Public class ServiceAction Represents a class that represents an action.
Public class ServiceActionParameter Use this type to represent a parameter on a service action.
Public class ServiceActionResolverArgs Provides information for an attempt to resolve a specific service action during URI parsing.
Public class ServiceOperation Represents a custom service operation.
Public class ServiceOperationParameter Represents parameter information for service operations.
Public class ServiceOperationProvider Provides the service writers capability to specify the type which implements the service operations.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDataServiceActionProvider This interface declares the methods required to support WCF data service actions.
Public interface IDataServiceActionResolver This interface is intended to extend IDataServiceActionProvider and add additional information for resolving service actions during URI parsing.
Public interface IDataServiceEntityFrameworkProvider Interface used for the discovery of properties that will be part of the ETag for entities belonging to the given resource set and resource type, also used for obtaining metadata EDM version.
Public interface IDataServiceInvokable This interface declares the methods required to support invoking of an operation.
Public interface IDataServiceMetadataProvider Provides a metadata and query source abstraction for a web data service's store.
Public interface IDataServicePagingProvider When exposed by a provider, this interface is used to provide custom paging for the clients.
Public interface IDataServiceProviderBehavior Used by the service writer to define the behavior of the providers.
Public interface IDataServiceQueryProvider Defines a metadata and query source implementation for a custom data service provider.
Public interface IDataServiceStreamProvider The IDataServiceStreamProvider interface defines the contract between the data services framework server component and a data source's stream implementation (ie. a stream provider).
Public interface IDataServiceStreamProvider2 Enables binary data to be accessed and changed as a named stream that belongs to an entity type.
Public interface IDataServiceUpdateProvider This interface declares the methods required for passing etag values to the provider.
Public interface IDataServiceUpdateProvider2 Defines the methods required to support ServiceActions.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MetadataEdmSchemaVersion Schema version compliance of the metadata.
Public enumeration OperationParameterBindingKind Enumeration for classifying the different kinds of operation parameter binding.
Public enumeration ProviderQueryBehaviorKind The kind of query processing behavior from the provider.
Public enumeration ResourcePropertyKind Enumeration for the kinds of properties that a resource can have.
Public enumeration ResourceTypeKind Enumeration for the kind of resource key.
Public enumeration ServiceOperationResultKind An enumeration that describes the kind of results that a service operation provides.