Running the CETK Tool without the CETK Client in the Run-Time Image (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can dynamically add support for the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Test Kit (CETK) to a target device that has a run-time image built without support for the CETK.

  1. Run the CETK tool on the development workstation.

    For more information, see Running the CETK Tool on the Development Workstation.

  2. Copy the Clientside.exe file to your Windows Embedded CE-based device.

    On the development workstation, Clientside.exe is located at %_WINCEROOT%\Others\Wcetk\<CPU>.

  3. On your Windows Embedded CE-based device, from the Start menu, choose Run, and then type the location of Clientside.exe followed by the name and port number of the development workstation running the CETK tool.

    For example, by typing clientside /n=machine1 /p=5555, you can run Clientside.exe and connect to machine1 using port number 5555. If you edit the command line for Clientside.exe in this fashion, you must specify at least a server name or address and a port number. For more information about command-line options for Clientside.exe, see Wcetk.txt and Clientside.exe Settings for the CETK.

    - or -

    Edit the Wcetk.txt file located in the directory in which Clientside.exe resides. Platform Builder creates a Wcetk.txt file in the release directory for your operating system (OS) design if you add support for the CETK to the OS design prior to building the run-time image. For more information about settings in the Wcetk.txt file, see Wcetk.txt and Clientside.exe Settings for the CETK.

    - or -

    Create a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CETT registry key on the target device, or modify this registry key, if it already exists. Clientside.exe reads settings from this registry key only if both command line options and Wcetk.txt are not found.

    On the development workstation, you can modify the registry of the target device by editing the Common.reg file or Platform.reg file, or by editing the Project.reg file for your OS design. Because the settings in Project.reg are specific to the OS design, you can edit Project.reg without affecting the overall behavior of Platform Builder. The settings in Common.reg and Platform.reg affect all OS designs on the development workstation.

    When you build a run-time image, the information from the .reg file is built into the run-time image. Alternatively, you can use the Remote Registry Editor tool to modify the registry of a target device while the target device runs.

    For information about registry keys for Clientside.exe, see Wcetk.txt and Clientside.exe Settings for the CETK.

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