Running the Application Verifier Tool (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


To test an application on a target device with the Application Verifier tool, you must first add support for the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Test Kit (CETK) to the Windows Embedded CE operating system (OS) for the target device. For information about adding support for the CETK to your Windows Embedded CE OS, see CETK Setup.

  1. Connect the target device to the CETK.

    For information about connecting a target device to the CETK, see Configuring the CETK to Communicate with a Target Device.

  2. In the CETK window, right-click on the target device, choose Tools, and then choose AppVerifier.

For information about testing an application with Application Verifier, see Testing an Application with the Application Verifier Tool.

If you do not run the Application Verifier tool from the CETK, use Getappverif_cetk.bat to copy the files required by Application Verifier to the release directory. For more information, see Setting Up the Application Verifier Tool to Test a Driver. Choose Connect to connect the Application Verifier tool to the target device.

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