GWES Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables (Compact 2013)


In Windows Embedded Compact, you can implement support for the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES) and supporting graphics features that include windows, dialog boxes, controls, menus, bitmaps, cursors, text, and icons. GWES is the interface between the user, the application, and the Windows Embedded Compact OS.

For more information about how to add or remove catalog items, see Create Your First OS.

The following table describes the catalog items and associated SYSGEN variables that you can use to add GWES features to your OS.

Catalog item

SYSGEN variable



Minimal GDI Configuration


Provides the GDI, including TrueType fonts, text drawing, palette support, and the AlphaBlend and DrvGradientFill functions.

Requires the Minimal Input Configuration (SYSGEN_MININPUT).

Minimal GWES Configuration


Provides the Minimal GWES Configuration, which supports basic windowing and message queuing.


Minimal Input Configuration


Provides the Minimal Input Configuration, which supports keyboard input.

Requires the Minimal GWES Configuration (SYSGEN_MINGWES).

Minimal Windows Manager Configuration


Provides the Minimal Window Manager Configuration, which supports windows messaging and windows management.

Requires the Minimal GDI Configuration (SYSGEN_MINGDI).

Raster Fonts Support


Provides raster fonts, which are designed for a specific resolution on a particular device and are generally considered device-dependent.

Requires the Minimal GDI Configuration (SYSGEN_MINGDI).

Overlapping Menus


Provides overlapping cascading menus on the UI, which is helpful for devices with small screens. For more information, see GWES Registry Settings.

Requires the Minimal Window Manager Configuration (SYSGEN_MINWMGR).

Menu Tool Tip


Provides tap UI menus that let users interact with them by tapping on them with a stylus.

Requires the Touch Screen Stylus (SYSGEN_TOUCH) catalog item.

Windows XP-like Sample Skin


Provides a UI theme for the shell that resembles the theme for Windows XP.

Requires the Common Control (SYSGEN_COMMCTRL) catalog item.

V1 Font Compatibility


Provides font compatibility for applications written for Windows Embedded Compact 2.0 and earlier.

Requires the Minimal GDI Configuration (SYSGEN_MINGDI).