Tools for Testing from the CETK (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Test Kit (CETK) provides tools for testing in addition to CETK tests. Although you can run some tools for testing from the command line or the CETK window, some tools for testing run only from the command line.

Application Verifier Tool

Provides information about the Application Verifier tool, which assesses the stability of an application and detects common programming mistakes.

CPU Monitor Tool

Provides information about the CPU Monitor tool, which shows you the CPU and memory usage of a target device.

PerfToCsv Tool

Parses the raw log data produced by the test suites into a form viewable with a spreadsheet to summarize the performance data.

Print Screen Tool

Provides information about the Print Screen tool (Prt_scrn.exe), which takes a screen shot and saves the screen shot as a bitmap (.bmp) file on the target device.

Scripting Host Tool

Provides information about the Scripting Host tool (Cescript.exe), which is a Microsoft ActiveX scripting host.

Windows Embedded CE Stress Tool

Provides information about the Windows Embedded CE Stress tool, which exercises functional units of Windows Embedded CE–based run-time image for an extended period of time.

CETK Setup

Describes how to set up a target device to support the CETK.

Adding a Custom Test to the CETK

Describes how to add custom (user-defined) tests to the CETK.

CETK Tests and Test Tools

Provides links to information about the tests and test tools for the CETK.

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