Viewbin Tool (Compact 2013)


This tool displays information about a run-time image.

viewbin [parameters] [filename]


Prints all data bytes.

This can result in large amounts of output.


Prints a table of contents for a run-time image.


Prints a table of contents and object information.


Prints record information.


Prints profiling symbol information.

Examples of information that you can display include:

  • Exact length of the run-time image
  • Files and modules included in the run-time image
  • Symbol information

The following command shows how to use Viewbin.exe to view information about a run-time image, and routes the output to a text file for reference and easier viewing.

viewbin -toc %_WINCEROOT\<My OS Name>\<My OS Name>\RelDir\<My BSP_Release>\nk.bin > output.txt