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IXRSelector::AddSelectionChangedEventHandler (Compact 2013)


This method attaches a delegate to the SelectionChanged event for this selector object.

virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE AddSelectionChangedEventHandler(
    _in IXRDelegate<XRSelectionChangedEventArgs>* pDelegate
) = 0;


[in] Pointer to the IXRDelegate<ArgType, [SenderType]> object that you want to attach to the SelectionChanged event, which is raised when the selected item changes.

Returns an HRESULT that indicates success or failure.

Returns XR_E_INVALID_OBJECT if pDelegate is not a XAML for Windows Embedded object.

When the selector object raises the SelectionChanged event, the event subsystem invokes the attached delegate.

Multiple delegates can be attached to the same event.

The ArgType XRSelectionChangedEventArgs structure stores data for a SelectionChanged event that has been raised.

To remove this delegate from the SelectionChanged event, call IXRSelector::RemoveSelectionChangedEventHandler.





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