GetSysColorBrush (Compact 2013)


This function retrieves a handle identifying a logical brush that corresponds to the specified color index.

HBRUSH GetSysColorBrush(
  int nIndex


[in] Specifies a color index.

This value corresponds to the color used to paint one of the 21 window elements.

Handle to a logical brush indicates success.

NULL indicates failure.

To get extended error information, call GetLastError.

A brush is a bitmap that the system uses to paint the interiors of filled shapes.

An application can retrieve the current system colors by calling the GetSysColor function.

An application can set the current system colors by calling the SetSysColors function.

An application must not register a window class for a window using a system brush.

The values assigned to the COLOR_* flags in Windows Embedded Compact are different from the values assigned to these flags in Windows-based desktop platforms. Therefore, specify the COLOR_* flag value, rather than the corresponding integer value, for the nIndex parameter.

For a list of all standard system colors, see GetSysColor.