Creating an OS Design for a Web Server Device (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This topic describes how to create an OS design for a Web Server device.

  1. On your development workstation, open Platform Builder, and then complete the Windows Embedded CE OS Design Wizard. The following list shows the choices to make in the OS Design Wizard:

    1. Choose the CEPC x86 BSP.
    2. Choose PDA Device.
    3. Choose the Enterprise Web Pad design template.
    4. Ignore the Applications Media page on the OS Design Wizard, and choose Next.
    5. On the Networking_Communications page, expand the Local Area Network (LAN) node, and then select the Wired Local Area Network check box. Choose Next.
    6. On the OS Design Project Wizard Complete page, choose Finish.
    7. Read the security warnings, and then choose Acknowledge.
  2. Locate the following Catalog items in the Catalog Items View and select them to add them to your OS design:

    Catalog item Sysgen variable Location in Catalog

    Web Server (HTTPD)


    Communication Services and Networking\Servers

    Web Server Administration ISAPI


    Communication Services and Networking\Servers\Web Server (HTTPD)



    Security\Authentication Services (SSPI)

    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)


    Communication Services and Networking\Networking - General

    Reference Gateway User Interface


    Communication Services and Networking\Networking - General

    Selecting Web Server (HTTPD) does not automatically bring in the Web Server Administration ISAPI Catalog item. Add separately the Web Server Administration ISAPI Catalog item to the OS design.
    Adding the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Catalog item is necessary to bring in the network administration page. For more information, see Testing the Web Server.

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