RIL_GetGPRSRegistrationStatus (Compact 2013)


This function retrieves the current phone GPRS registration status.

HRESULT RIL_GetGPRSRegistrationStatus(
  HRIL hRil,
  HRIL pdwRegStatus


Handle to the RIL instance returned by RIL_Initialize.



Positive HRESULT values indicate success and are used as command identifications for matching the asynchronous call result. Negative HRESULT values indicate an error. HRESULT error values of E_XXX are defined in winerror.h. HRESULT error values of RIL_E_XXX are defined in Ril.h.

An asynchronous result callback of RIL_RESULT_OK indicates success. The lpData parameter points to a line registration constant


HRESULT value S_OK indicates success. Information is returned in the data structure pointed to by pdwRegStatus.

HRESULT values of E_XXX indicate an error. Errors are defined in winerror.h.

This function is asynchronous when the input value of pdwRegStatus is NULL. The RIL proxy translates the RIL_GetGPRSRegistrationStatus function into IOCTL_RIL_GetGPRSRegistrationStatus when the RIL proxy calls RIL_IOControl.

This function is synchronous when pdwGprsRegStatus is not set to NULL. The RIL driver needs to support RIL_NOTIFY_GPRSREGSTATUSCHANGED for the synchronous function. In the registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Cellular\RIL\CapsNotificationImplParams, the value RIL_CAPS_NOTIFICATION_GPRSREGISTRATIONSTATUS is used to determine if RIL_NOTIFY_GPRSREGSTATUSCHANGED is supported. If the RIL_CAPS_NOTIFICATION_GPRSREGISTRATIONSTATUS value is not set to TRUE, RIL_E_SYNCHRONOUS_DATA_UNAVAILABLE is returned. You can use RIL_GetDevCaps(hRil, RIL_CAPSTYPE_NOTIFICATIONIMPLEMENTATION) to determine which notification values are set to TRUE.