IMediaPosition::put_CurrentPosition (Compact 2013)


This method sets the time that the media stream begins.

HRESULT put_CurrentPosition(
  REFTIME llTime


[in] Start time expressed as a double value.

Returns an HRESULT value.

The start time is a position between zero and the duration of the media at which playback should begin when the next run command is issued.

If this method is called when the filter graph manager is running, the filter graph manager will pause the graph, run the method, and then issue a new run command.

If called when the filter graph is paused, this method must flush existing data by using IPin::BeginFlush and IPin::EndFlush before pushing the new data (at the new current position).

Setting the current position when paused or stopped causes playback to resume from the new start position when the run command is issued.

The current position is applied before the rate and therefore is the position at typical playback speed.