Protocol Extension Samples (Compact 2013)


The Btscosnd, L2capapi, and L2capdev samples illustrate the process of creating a Bluetooth protocol extension for Windows Embedded Compact. Each sample extension connects to some layer of the Bluetooth stack and exposes an interface for creating baseband connections.

These samples have not been thoroughly tested and are not intended for production use.

The following table shows the locations of the protocol extension samples.



%_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Drivers\Bluetooth\Sample \Btscosnd

HCI extension layer that implements an audio driver that sends and receives Bluetooth SCO audio data.

The compiled sample generates a Btscosnd.lib.


L2CAP extension layer that is implemented as a driver in device.exe.

The compiled sample generates a L2capdev.dll.


User application accessible API that communicates with L2capdev.

The compiled sample generates the static library L2capapi.dll.


The compiled sample generates btdccp.exe.


Sample application to demonstrate how to use L2capapi.dll.