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Bluetooth (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices, within a 10-meter proximity, to communicate with each other. The discovery process enables devices to query other devices about the services they offer. If a device offers more than one service, the user can select the service they want to use from that particular device.

For information about the compliance qualifications, see the Web site for the Bluetooth organization.

Bluetooth Application Development

Provides information about creating Bluetooth applications by using Winsock interfaces.

Bluetooth OS Design Development

Provides information about the Bluetooth Protocol Stack and the extension layer, components and modules that implement Bluetooth functionalities, and Sysgen variables that enable these functionalities.

Bluetooth Registry Settings

Provides information about the registry settings that enable and configure Bluetooth functionality in your OS design.

Bluetooth Security

Describes security and best practices information for Bluetooth functionalities.

Bluetooth Performance Best Practices

Describes best practices for increasing the performance of the Bluetooth stack.

Bluetooth Migration

Provides information about the changes in Bluetooth support that you need to know when migrating from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another.

Bluetooth Samples

Describes sample code that provides a base for implementing the Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Reference

Provides reference information about the programming elements that are available for use in Windows Embedded CE-based applications.

Object Exchange Protocol

Provides information about the Object Exchange Protocol (OBEX) technology support in Windows Embedded CE.

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