Client Support (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


An OBEX client initiates an underlying transport connection to an OBEX server. The following commands are used to establish and release this connection:

  • IObexDevice::Connect enables the client to connect to an OBEX server through the OBEX layer. To obtain a list of available devices, the client calls the IObex::EnumDevices method. Each device exposes a Connect method. If an OBEX server does not exist on the device, the connection fails. Transport-specific information is hidden from the user; only the name and address is exposed.
  • IObexDevice::Disconnect releases the client/server connection and frees associated resources.

Once a connection is established, the client can issue the following commands:

The following topics contain more information about OBEX client support:

For more information on how these commands are used, see the following examples:

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