IObexDevice::Put (Compact 2013)


This method issues a Put command for an object that is passed to the server. This sends information to the remote device using a specific service.

  IHeaderCollection* pHeaders, 
  IStream** ppStream


[in] Pointer to the headers collection that describes the object.


[in, out] Unique. Destination pointer to the IStream interface, which is used to write the data. For example, to send a file to a remote device, wrap the file around a stream and then put that stream on the remote device. This parameter initially returns an empty stream to be filled with the data to be transmitted.

The appropriate HResult is returned.

To verify that the Put operation has completed, run IStream::Commit before you close the operation. This practice is particularly useful when deleting a file. A return of S_OK indicates that the operation has completed successfully. Limit the stream size to manageable chunks of information (512 bytes, for example). Transferring very large streams of information prevents the ability to cancel the transfer of that information until the entire transfer process is complete.

The following code example shows how to delete a file after the put operation has completed. This example assumes the existence of an IObexDevice object that is named pObexDevice and is correctly initialized. It also assumes that an IHeaderCollection object, named pHeaderCollection, is initialized.

For readability, the following code example does not contain security checking or error handling. Do not use the following code in a production environment.
// A PUT operation that has BODY is assumed by the 
// server to be a delete  (per IrOBEX 1.2 spec section
// This example demonstrates how to use the Windows Embedded Compact OBEX client 
// implementation to delete a file.
//  ---The construction/connection code of IObex/IObexDevice has been
//  omitted for brevity.
IStream *pStream = NULL;
   goto Error;
if(FAILED(pObexDevice->Put(pHeaderCollection, &pStream))) 
   goto Error;
// NOTE: If Commit fails, the delete operation was either 
// rejected by the server or the connection was lost. 
// In either case, the file deletion failed.
   goto Error;
//Success return.
hRet = S_OK;
goto Done;
    //Display Error and go to cleanup code.
    hRet = E_FAIL;
    //Clean up.