Included File Systems (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Windows Embedded CE includes support for several file systems, including three types of File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems. File I/O functions enable applications to access files, regardless of the underlying system.

FAT File System

Describes the three kinds of FAT file systems.

Binary ROM Iimage File System (BinFS)

Describes the file system that reads binary image files generated by Romimage.exe.

CDFS/UDFS File Systems

Describes the file system for managing CD-ROMs and ATAPI hard drives.

RAM (Object Store) File System

Describes the file system that manages files and directories in the object store.

Installable File Systems

Provides information about creating and loading a file system driver (FSD), and about using FSD Manager.

File Systems and Storage Management Registry Settings

Provides information about the organization of registry settings for file systems, and reference information about registry settings for specific file systems.

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