CDFS Registry Settings (Compact 2013)


The Compact Disk File System (CDFS) retrieves driver specific settings from the registry.

You can put CDFS settings at two different tiers in the registry hierarchy

  • Root file system key
    Settings made at the root key of the file system registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\CDFS, apply to every mounted instance of CDFS, unless explicitly overridden by a setting at a lower level. These setting apply to CDFS for all profiles.
  • Profile-specific settings
    Settings made at the Profiles registry subkey, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Profile\CDProfile, apply only to devices that report the profile CDProfile.

The following table shows the registry settings for the CDFS.

Registry value: Type



Specifies the name of the file system DLL.

Set to "binfs.dll" for BinFS.

FriendlyName: REG_SZ

Specifies a friendly name for the file system.

LockIOBuffers: REG_DWORD

Specifies that the file system driver manager (FSDMGR) must lock all application buffers before passing them to file I/O functions.
You must set this value to 1 when you use the file cache filter. Because the filter performs critical section usage around file I/O, the filter requires this value to be set to 1 to prevent deadlocks.

HeapMaxSize: REG_DWORD

Specifies the maximum size of the heap in KB. If this value is 0, the heap is unbounded.

DestroyHeapOnUnmount: REG_DWORD

Indicates whether to destroy the heap contents when the storage media is dismounted. When 0, this value enables recreation of the heap on media change.

Set to 0 to disable destruction

Set to 1 to enable destruction

MountLabel: REG_DWORD

Pulls the volume label and uses it as a mount point.


Controls paging. Set to 1 to enable paging for CDFS.

Util: REG_SZ

Specifies the DLL name of utility to do format and scan.

MountFlags: REG_DWORD

This value is deprecated. For replacement values, see Mount Settings.

The following registry key example shows the default for CDFS.

; Default values for cdfs.  These can be overridden per profile
    "FriendlyName"="ISO 9660/Joliet/CDDA FileSystem"
;   "HeapMaxSize"=dword:0 ; maximum size of heap in KB, 0=unbounded
;   "DestroyHeapOnUnmount"=dword:0 ; 0=disable, 1=enable destruction, recreation of heap on media change

; The detectors for the CDProfile will be listed here.

    "Name"="IDE CDROM/DVD Drive"
    "Folder"="CDROM Drive"