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FDDESTROYFONT (Compact 2013)


The FDDESTROYFONT function notifies the driver that a font realization is no longer needed and that the driver can now free any associated data structures it has allocated.



[in] Pointer to the FONTOBJ structure that identifies the font instance.

The FDDESTROYFONT function is called only in font drivers and kernel-mode printer drivers.

If the DEVICE_FONTTYPE flag is set in the flFontType member of the FONTOBJ structure, the driver should release any resources or memory identified with both the pvConsumer and pvProducer members of FONTOBJ. Otherwise, it should release only memory and resources identified with pvConsumer.

The driver must reset the pvConsumer and pvProducer members to NULL if it uses them.

GDI calls FDDESTROYFONT once for the font producer and once again for the font consumer.

GDI guarantees that FDDESTROYFONT and DrvTextOut never overlap; consequently, the driver can rely on cached information while processing a DrvTextOut call.

This function must be implemented if the font driver or kernel-mode printer driver allocates resources when it realizes fonts.



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