Component Services (COM and DCOM) (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Component Object Model (COM) is a platform-independent, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact with other COM-based components.

Distributed COM (DCOM), sometimes also referred to as "COM Remoting", is not included in Windows Embedded CE. Please see Remote DCOM Support for more information.

COM and DCOM Application Development

Explains how to write code that uses COM.

COM and DCOM Security

Provides security best practice information relevant to COM.

COM and DCOM Reference

Provides reference information for the API provided by COM.

COM and DCOM OS Design Development

Presents information that is helpful when designing and developing a target device that uses COM. This includes dependencies of COM, the modules and components that implement COM, and COM Sysgen variables.

COM and DCOM Registry Settings

Provides information about the configurable registry settings used by COM.

COM and DCOM Migration

Provides information that is useful if you are migrating from an OS design that includes COM and DCOM and is based on a previous version of Windows Embedded CE.

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