CoLoadLibrary (Compact 2013)


This function is called internally by the CoGetClassObject, when the class context indicates a DLL, to load a specific DLL into the caller's process. Applications should not call it directly.

HINSTANCE CoLoadLibrary(
  LPOLESTR lpszLibName, 
  BOOL bAutoFree


[in] Long pointer to the null-terminated string that contains the name of the library to be loaded. The use of this name is the same as in the Win32 function LoadLibrary.


[in] Ignored. Explicitly unload with the CoFreeLibrary function.

The handle of the loaded library indicates success. NULL indicates that the library could not be loaded.

The CoLoadLibrary function is called internally by the CoGetClassObject function when the class context (CLSCTX) indicates a DLL. CoLoadLibrary loads a DLL specified by the lpszLibName parameter into the process that called CoGetClassObject. Containers should not call CoLoadLibrary directly.

Internally, a reference count is kept on the loaded DLL, by using CoLoadLibrary to increment the count and the CoFreeLibrary functionto decrement it.

Passing into this function any invalid and, under some circumstances, NULL pointers result in unexpected termination of the application.

To determine whether the platform supports this function, see Determining Supported COM APIs.