IConnectionPointContainer (Compact 2013)


This interface supports connection points for connectable objects.

Connectable objects support the following features:

  • Outgoing interfaces, such as event sets
  • The ability to enumerate the IIDs of the outgoing interfaces
  • The ability to connect and disconnect sinks to the object for those outgoing IIDs
  • The ability to enumerate the connections that exist to a particular outgoing interface

Implement this interface as part of support for connectable objects. To support connectable objects, you need to provide four related interfaces:

The IConnectionPointContainer interface indicates the existence of the outgoing interfaces.

It provides access to an enumerator subobject with the IEnumConnectionPoints interface. It also provides a connection point subobject with the IConnectionPoint interface.

The IConnectionPoint interface provides access to an enumerator subobject with the IEnumConnections interface.

The connection point is a separate subobject to avoid circular reference counting problems.

Implement the IConnectionPointContainer interface to make a connectable object, that is, an object with outgoing interfaces.

Through IConnectionPointContainer, you can locate a specific connection point for one IID or obtain an enumerator to enumerate the connections points.

Use the IConnectionPointContainer interface to obtain access to the following:

  • Enumerator subobjects with the IEnumConnectionPoints interface. The IEnumConnectionPoints interface can then be used to enumerate connection points for each outgoing IID.
  • Connection point subobjects with the IConnectionPoint interface for each IID.
    Through the IConnectionPoint interface, a client starts or terminates an advisory loop with the connectable object and the client's own sink. The client can also use the IConnectionPoint interface to obtain an enumerator object with the IEnumConnections interface to enumerate the connections it knows about.

IUnknown method



Returns pointers to supported interfaces.


Increments the reference count.


Decrements the reference count.




Returns an object to enumerate all the connection points supported in the connectable object.


Returns a pointer to the IConnectionPoint interface for a specified connection point.

To determine whether the platform supports this interface, see Determining Supported COM APIs.