Uninstall_Exit (Compact 2013)


A custom installer dll should export the Uninstall_Exit function. This function will be called after an application is uninstalled. This function can be used for custom operations such as the following:

  • Saving database data into a file and deleting the database.
  • Informing the user where the user data files are stored.
  • Informing the user how to reinstall the application.

codeUNINSTALL_EXIT Uninstall_Exit(
  HWND hwndParent 


[in] Specifies a handle to the parent window If the uninstallation is launched from a client that does not have a parent window, the handle will be NULL. If the handle is NULL, do not display any UI.


Indicates that the application was uninstalled successfully.

This function is called during installation, after the uninstallation process is completed.

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