Install_Init (Compact 2013)


A custom installer dll should export the Install_Init function. This function will be called before installation begins. This function can be used for custom operations such as checking an application version for application re-installation or determining whether a dependent application is present.

codeINSTALL_INIT Install_Init(
  HWND hwndParent,
  BOOL fFirstCall, 
  BOOL fPreviouslyInstalled,
  LPCTSTR pszInstallDir


[in] Specifies a handle to the parent window. If the installation is launched from a client that does not have a parent window, the handle will be NULL. If the handle is NULL, do not display any UI.


[in] Specifies a Boolean value that is set to TRUE to indicate that this is the first time this function is being called. Otherwise the value will be FALSE.


[in] Specifies a Boolean value that is set to TRUE to indicate that the current application is already installed. Otherwise the value will be FALSE.


[in] Reference to a null-terminated string that contains the name of the application installation directory that is selected by the user.


Continue installation.


Cancel installation.

This function may be called multiple times, each time with a different string for pszInstallDir. For example, when the current directory does not have enough room, you should call this function for the first time. .

This function is called during installation, before the installation process begins.



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