Pocket Outlook Object Model Samples (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This section contains Visual C++ code examples that demonstrate how to perform a number of common actions using POOM. These examples are not complete programs and are intended only to demonstrate some of the methods available to programmers.

Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE does not ship with any code samples that demonstrate POOM1 API functionality. However, both the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK and the Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK ship with a set of code samples that demonstrate how to use all of the POOM APIs—of which POOM1 is a subset. For more information, see this Microsoft Web site.

Code Example: Creating a Recurring Appointment

This C++ code example demonstrates how to create a recurring Appointment that occurs at 10:00 AM every Monday.

Code Example: Determining the Version

This C++ code example demonstrates how to get a handle to the IPOutlookApp object, log on, and determine the version of Outlook Mobile that is running.

Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)

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