Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0

Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0 (Compact 7)


Learn about the Windows Media Player OCS control 7.0 in Windows Embedded Compact 7. This topic includes links to reference information.

The Windows Media Player OCX control 7.0 was created to enable updated Windows Media Player functionality to exist as an ActiveX control inside a Web page along with other content and hosted by the Windows Embedded Compact Web browser. The Windows Media Player control is a versatile tool for presenting local and streaming multimedia files.

It differs from the previous Media Player Control (version 6.4) included in earlier versions of Windows Embedded Compact and is based on the current OCX 7.0 Object Model, which allows it to display content on web pages that use this model.

Combined with DirectShow, this control supports Windows Media technologies and other major media file formats. These file formats can be streamed from locally stored files using only the Windows Media Player control, and, when combined with Windows Media technologies, they can be streamed over networks.

This control is similar to the version of the control that is available for PCs. It supports an essential subset of the properties, methods, and events of the desktop control.

This control supports IPv6.

To add this feature to your OS, see Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0 Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0 Reference.

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