Device Driver Development Overview (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This section contains links to content describing the source code for device drivers, how to use the Platform Builder IDE with device drivers, and where to obtain and certify third party device drivers and board support packages (BSPs).

Device Driver Source Code

Explains the source code for device drivers and where the source code is located.

Hardware Compatibility and Third-party Device Drivers

Shows you where to find information about third-party device drivers, driver validation, and board support package (BSP) certification.

Bringing Up a Hardware Platform

Describes how to use BSPs to bring up a hardware platform.

Catalog Item Management

Explains how to manipulate device drivers and other Catalog items in the Platform Builder integrated development environment (IDE).

Diagnostics and Debugging for Mobile and Embedded Development

Provides information on debugging and testing.

Device Driver Development Concepts

Explains the basic development concepts for device drivers.

Device Driver Libraries

Explains the source code for device drivers and where the source code is located.

Message Queue Point-to-Point Reference

Describes the message queue point-to-point reference.

Migrating a BSP to Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Explains how to migrate a BSP from a previous version of Windows Embedded CE.

Migrating from an Earlier Version of Windows Embedded CE

Provides links to information about migrating from earlier versions of Windows Embedded CE.

Power Management

Describes the power management capabilities provided by the Windows Embedded CE operating system.

Windows Embedded CE Drivers

Provides links to all the categories of drivers included with Windows Embedded CE.

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