OS Design Property Pages Dialog Box (Compact 2013)


The OS Design Property Pages dialog box enables you to view and configure options for an OS design.

You can access the OS Design Property Pages dialog box in these ways:

  • In Solution Explorer, select the OS Design project (identified by the project name), then click Properties on the Project menu.
  • In Solution Explorer, select either the OS root node (for example, C:\WINCE800) or the Subprojects node, then click <OS design name> Properties on the Project menu.

The dialog box contains two main nodes in the property tree in the left pane: Common Properties, which has one subnode, and Coniguration Properties, which has six subnodes. The subnode pages are covered individually in the topics in this section.

The following items appear on all pages, but are available only for the Coniguration Properties pages.


Choose the configurations that you want to modify.


Choose the platform that you want to modify.

Configuration Manager

Invoke Configuration Manager.

Common Properties: Build Tree (WINCEROOT)

Enables you to view and modify the root directory.

Configuration Properties: General

Enables you to set general configuration properties.

Configuration Properties: Locale

Enables you to create a locale-specific OS image.

Configuration Properties: Build Options

Enables you to set build options.

Configuration Properties: Environment

Enables you to create environment variables.

Configuration Properties: Custom Build Actions

Enables you to specify custom build actions.

Configuration Properties: Subproject Image Settings

Enables you to set subproject image options.