Thin Client Design Template (Compact 7)


In Windows Embedded Compact, you can use the Thin Client design template to create an OS for a Windows Embedded Compact powered device.

A thin client is a Remote Desktop client computer that connects to a Windows Server that is running Remote Desktop Services in order to run programs, save files, and use network resources on that server.

The design template provides the following configurable features:

  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Audio redirection
  • Dynamic Virtual Channels
  • Resource-constrained shell
  • Internet Explorer Embedded
  • Dial-up Networking (RAS/PPP)
  • Emulators and presentation protocols from external vendors (optional)

For more information about these features, see Remote Desktop Connection, CETSC UI, Audio Redirection with Remote Desktop Connection, Dynamic Virtual Channels (DVC), Internet Explorer Embedded, and Dial-up Networking Reference.

To create a thin client that uses the Windows Embedded Compact Standard Shell, use the Handheld Design Template.

When you use the OS Design Wizard in Platform Builder, select the Thin Client design template in the Enterprise Device folder to create an OS for a thin client.

When you are finished with the OS Design Wizard, you can add other catalog items to your OS design.