Adding Catalog Items to an OS Design (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Catalog items are added to a an OS design by selecting the appropriate item in the Catalog. To view all items in the Catalog, make sure that the currently selected filter in the Catalog Items View window is All Catalog Items in Catalog. For more information, see Catalog Items View.

When a Catalog item is added to an OS design, the corresponding source code configuration files, makefiles (.mak) files, dirs files, sources files, and header files are used to build component files.

Cesysgen.bat includes these built component files or the corresponding prebuilt component files into the run-time image.

When a Catalog item supplied with the integrated development environment (IDE) is added to an OS design, Cesysgen.bat is used to perform a dependency checking process, which ensures that required Catalog items are included in your run-time image.

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